Here are some pictures of me, my friends, family, pets, etc. Basically anything I think might be of some interest to anyone. Any artistic comments may be placed in the suggestion box where they will be promptly shredded and recycled.



This is my senior year picture from high school (1992). I did do some trimming and editing on it however. I used to have a bit more hair between my ear and my collar. I didn't like how it looked, so removed it from the picture. Nothing much else has changed, except my hairline has receded a bit more towards the back. Actually, I don't know if it's done that, maybe just thinned a little.




These are the SNOE students when I worked at LASP at CU. You can read more about that on my biography page. I'm in a white shirt on the right side four people in (just behind the girl in red). I believe it was taken in 1996.






Here's me and my Aunt Teddy Sue taken by my Uncle Mike in 1997. They live out in Hawaii, and were kind enough to let me come out and bum with them for a week. This is up by a lighthouse on the eastern tip of Oahu. It was fun, and this is the only picture I have of myself on it. It helps if you go with somebody else rather than alone.





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